How to configure a Google Doc to allow iframing

You are able to add Google Docs directly into your Thinkific course using the Multimedia lesson type, but first you need to make sure that you have the correct settings for the document on Google Drive and are using the correct URL.

When creating a Multimedia lesson, if you've not got the correct settings on Google Docs, you'll see this message in the bottom of the screen:

You can follow these instructions to ensure that the Google Doc can be iframed into your course.

How to configure a Google Doc to allow iframing

While viewing your doc, select the Share button in the top right of the page, as below:

In the box that pops up select Get shareable link to switch on link sharing, if you haven't already.

Once link sharing has been switched on, the box should look similar to the one below and you'll need to select the dropdown arrow next to "Anyone at '...' with the link can view" to bring up a list of sharing options. 

Then, select "More" at the bottom of the list.

On the next screen, be sure to select the link sharing option called On - Public on the web and hit Save. This will ensure that the link that you use for the multimedia lesson on Thinkific will work.

So now you just need to copy the link for your doc...

...and you'll have the correct link to use copied into your clipboard. You're ready to head back to Thinkific to create your multimedia lesson!

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