Thinkific Uploader Wordpress plugin

Do you have an existing Wordpress site? That’s great! Our Wordpress plugin makes it easy for you to transfer your Wordpress content over to Thinkific or link directly to your Thinkific checkout.

How to set up the Thinkific Wordpress plugin

In Wordpress, go to the Plugins page and press “Add New”. From here, you can search for Thinkific Uploader and choose “Install Now”. Once it is installed, make sure you activate it.

Next, you will want to go to the plugin’s Settings page and here you will have to put in your Thinkific subdomain and your API key (note: you can find these on your Thinkific site if you go to Advanced Settings > API key).

Once you save changes, you should see a message letting you know that you’re properly connected.

Upload your content to your Thinkific course

If you have some content on your Wordpress site that you’d like to migrate over to your course, we make it super easy so you don’t have to copy and paste your content from Wordpress to Thinkific. With the Thinkific Uploader, you can select your Wordpress page or post that you would like to send to Thinkific, and this will create a new lesson for you.

You’ll notice in your Wordpress page or post, there is a button called “Post to Thinkific”.

If you click here it will send you to the Thinkific Uploader page where you can then choose which Thinkific course and chapter you want to place this new lesson into. We also give you the option to pre-select if this lesson will be a free preview or a draft lesson.

You’ll see a preview window that will give you a glimpse of how your content will be sent to Thinkific. 

Please note that any Wordpress shortcodes or other custom plugins will not work once it has been sent to Thinkific, so you may have to make adjustments once the lesson is sent over. For that reason if your course is already published we recommend setting it to draft first so you can double check it and make any final changes before it’s available for your students.

Create a link to your Thinkific price

This option is great if you’d like to promote your Thinkific course on your Wordpress site. When you are inside your Wordpress page or post, you will now see a “Insert Thinkific Checkout Link” button.

This will let you easily link direct to the Thinkific checkout of the product you want to promote. You can select the Thinkific course or bundle you want to link to and the product price, and insert link. Easy as that!

Note that it will automatically select your default pricing, but if you have additional pricing it will show up in the dropdown menu like shown above.

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