Creating draft content for your course

If you're editing a course that's already been published, did you know that you're able to set individual lessons to draft status?

Setting a piece of content as draft means that site/course admins will be able to edit it (and even preview the content as a student), but your real-life, existing students won't have access to it until it's published and ready-to-go! Draft content does not count toward course completion until you've published it for your students.

Use cases for draft content

Updating existing courses - Draft content allows you to edit your course without existing students being able to see the work-in-progress, meaning you are able to update/create content at any point to give extra value to your students.
 Preselling your course - You can also use draft content to manage prelaunch sales for your course; selling the course at a special early-bird price whilst you're still working on the finishing touches to your content.

Creating draft content

The process is simple - all you need to do is select the checkbox for 'Set to draft' when on that lesson in the course builder and hit Save Changes.

Any lessons set as draft will say "Draft" next to their name in the course builder.

And that's it!

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