Tagging your Thinkific students in Convertkit

You are able to link your Thinkific site with your Convertkit account so that your students will automatically be added as users and tagged in Convertkit. 

To do this, head to the Integrations page of the admin dashboard to connect your ConvertKit account.

Connect your ConvertKit account to Thinkific

You will need to log into your ConvertKit account and locate your API key settings. You can access or sign up for a ConvertKit account here - Sign Up for ConvertKit

Once logged in, you can access the API key under Account > Account Settings > API Key.


Once you have your API key, head to the Integrations page of your admin dashboard to paste that into the ConvertKit API Key field and hit Save.

Connect your ConvertKit tags

In order for your users to be created and tagged in ConvertKit, you'll first need to create the tags from your ConvertKit dashboard.

Then, head back to Integrations > ConvertKit in your Thinkific admin dashboard to link the tags to specific site events.

Note: A user will only be created in ConvertKit if they perform one of the actions associated with a tag. 

Here's what each of the actions mean; i.e. what the student will need to do on your Thinkific site for the tag to be added in ConvertKit.


Action name in Thinkific dashboard

Tag triggered in ConvertKit when the user does the following...

Creates a user account

Fully enrolls in a paid course

Fully enrolls in a free course

Enrolls in the free preview version of a course

Completes a course they’re enrolled in


Full enrollments

Free preview enrollments

Completed enrollments


This should help get you started, but just let us know if you have any questions at all!

Enable Student Payment Tracking 

You can sync all of the orders that occur on your Thinkific site with your subscriber profiles on ConvertKit by turning on "Enable student purchase tracking".  

When enabled, each time a payment is made on Thinkific, the transaction information (purchase amount, discount applied, and total paid) are automatically passed to your ConvertKit account and attached to the subscriber profile of the user that made the purchase. Read more about how you can use this information to segment your users here.

Note: if a student uses a coupon that provides them a 100% discount off their purchase, this order will not be sent to ConvertKit as a purchase event. 

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