How to set up your custom domain in Hover

*These are our specific instructions for setting up a custom domain in Hover,. If you're looking for more general information on what a custom domain is, please see this article*

In this tutorial, we'll set up a Thinkific site as a custom subdomain of a pre-existing domain, using as the registrar.

First, log into Hover, and choose 'Domains' from the Your Account dropdown:

Your Hover will show a list of domains that you own:

Click 'edit' on the domain you wish to add a subdomain to:

You'll see a tabbed control panel. Choose the DNS tab:

You'll see a screen showing you a list of subdomains belonging to that domain. Click 'Add New':

A form will accordion out and you'll have the option of creating a CNAME:

Click 'Save' and verify that the new subdomain has been created:

Now, in a new window, try visiting your new subdomain. If everything went okay, you'll get Thinkific's custom 404 page. This is actually a good sign -- one of the rare times you want to see a 404. ;) It means that everything is almost ready to go. 

Now, email us at and wait for us to finish the setup at our end to get rid of that 404. Soon you'll see your Thinkific site at your custom subdomain. 

In that email, include the following:

  1. Your URL
  2. Your custom domain URL

We can then complete the setup on our side!

Thanks Hover, we love you! 

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