Updating Your Course Design (For V1 Themes)

Note: This article is for anyone using a pre-V2 site theme. Not sure which theme you're on? Refer to this article to find out.

From the Landing Page tab of the course builder, you can choose the design of your course landing page and the course player. Design elements of your whole course site are found in the Branding section of the Admin Dashboard.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended you consider transitioning to Site Builder as outlined here - Transition to Site Builder

Course Landing Page Layout

At the top of the Landing Page tab in the course builder, you can choose the overall layout of your course landing page.

To get started, click on Page Theme to select an installed layout, or install a new layout to use.

By default, you are able to choose between the following layouts:

  • Default Course Landing Page - A more sales-focused layout, great for creating a long-form sales page for your course.

  • Curriculum Course Landing Page - A more content-focused layout, great for drawing attention to your awesome curriculum.

  • Video Course Landing Page - A demo video-focused layout, which makes your demo video pop!

And if you're code-savvy, why not use our Themes feature to create your own, completely customized landing page? Find out more here >>

Course Banner Text & Image

This is the image and title/subtitle text that will appear across the top of your course landing page.

The recommended dimensions for banner images are listed here.

Just click on Upload under Banner Image to get started adding an image to the banner.

Note: Do not use an image with text in it as the banner image. The text will be cut off on narrow screens like mobile phones, it isn't readable by people with vision impairment using screen readers, and it does not help with SEO for your course site.

By default, your banner image will have a colored overlay (based on the brand color chosen on the Branding page of your admin dashboard). You are able to change the Banner Overlay Opacity percentage to make it more or less opaque.

Course Card Image

This is the image that will be shown on your course card which, when the course is published, appears on your site landing page, all courses page, and student dashboard. As well, this image will be used in social media shares as the image preview for the course site landing page URL.

You can change your course card by going to Settings and then selecting Course Card. Click on Upload to add an image here, and edit the Course Card Text to add a short description of your course (recommended: 1-2 lines).

The recommended dimensions for course card images are 500 x 280 pixels.

Struggling to find banner and course card images? We've put together a download of 115+ pre-sized images, available for download here!

Course Player Theme

The course player, by default, has a sidebar set with your brand color (set in the Branding section of the Admin Dashboard) and the main viewing area that features a white background and black text. You can invert the course player to feature a black background and white text if you want.

Go to Course Player under Settings in the course builder to make this change:

Don't forget that you're able to preview your course and landing page to see how it's all coming together! Here's how

Need a little extra help with branding and design for your course? We have a wonderful team of experienced freelancers available to give you a hand! Check out our Experts Marketplace.

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