Creating a Sales Landing Page For Your Course (For V1 Themes)

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Every course on your Thinkific course site will have its own landing page. These landing pages are there to explain what your course is and why someone should enroll in it. In other words, sell them on the course!

In our guide on How to Create a Sales Page for Your Online Course, we outline the three things your sales page should definitely convey:

  1. Who the course is for.

  2. What your course teaches.

  3. Why what you're teaching is beneficial.

In this article, we'll cover how to edit each part of the course landing page to accomplish these goals.

How to Edit the Landing Page in the Course Builder

To get started you will need to make your way into the Landing Page tab of the course builder. You can do this from your Admin Dashboard by selecting Managing Learning Content and then Courses in the sidebar menu and then select the Edit button on a course you've already made (or make a new one!).

Course Banner

The first thing anyone visiting your course landing page will see is the Course Banner.

The Banner Image, the Overlay color and it's opacity, the Banner Title, and the Banner Subtitle below it, can all be set in the Banner section in the Landing Page tab's menu.

Beside the subtitle in your course banner, the instructor's name will be displayed. An instructor profile consists of the name, image, and bio of the course's instructor.

After selecting Instructor from the Landing Page tab's menu, you can add a new instructor profile and edit its details or select a premade profile for your landing page.

Important: Until you go to the Publish tab and publish the course, the Buy Button will not be displayed in the header. Publishing the course with the Pricing set to Free will show an Enroll for Free button. After integrating a payment processing service, and setting a price for the course (in the Pricing tab), a published course will display a Buy button with the price listed on it.

Course Description

Right below your Banner will be the Course Description. Creating a great sales landing page will rely on a strong course description. You can use images, links, and formatted text to create attractive sales copy using a WYSIWYG editor.

What Should You Add to Your Course Description?

Essentially, you'll want to add content that speaks of your course as the only solution to a problem. You can do that by including any of the following sections to your course description:

  • Introduce the problem.

  • Explain your course as the solution to the problem (use bullet points here if possible).

  • Breakdown each part of the course as a part of the resolution to the problem.

  • Explain what kind of bonus content you're offering (e.g. one-on-one counseling, supplementary material, etc.), if any.

  • Give your course social proof with testimonials (use pictures of happy customers and feature their quotes from reviews).

  • Explain your pricing. Why should someone pay you to fix the problem?

  • Offer a guarantee to reduce risk.

  • Add a FAQ section to answer common pre-sales questions.

  • Add a Call to Action. Encourage your landing page visitor to enroll.

Other Elements of a Landing Page:


If you have testimonials from customers already, you can show them on your landing page in the Reviews settings of the Landing Page tab.



You can feature Additional Prices and Upsells or cross promotions in these sections of the Landing Page tab.

Third Party Plugins

If you want to install third-party plugins like live chat apps, you can do so via the Page Code section of the Landing Page tab.

That's it! Now you have a great sales landing page for your online course!

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