How to Unenroll Students and Process Refunds

The following outline the steps to take if you are trying to remove a student from one of your courses due to a refund, subscription cancellation, incorrect registration, or for any other reason where they no longer need access to a course.

Unenroll a Student

Step 1: 

Click on Users in the Admin Dashboard of your Thinkific site:

Step 2: 

Find the student you want to unenroll and click on their Name to view their user profile.

Note: You can search for the user by name or email, or using the filters under Advanced Search.

Step 3:

From the user profile, select the End Enrollment button for the course you wish to remove them from.

Once you’ve done that the user will no longer have access to the course! 

Subscriptions and Payment Plans

For Subscriptions and Payment Plans, payments are not automatically cancelled and must also be cancelled in Stripe.

How do I cancel a subscription in Stripe?

  1. Search for and open the customer record in Stripe

  2. Scroll to Active Subscriptions 

  3. Click on the ‘...’ to the right of the subscription to cancel and choose Cancel Subscription

Processing Refunds

Unenrolling a user does not automatically refund any payments made for the course. Refunds need to be made directly from your Stripe or PayPal dashboard. Here’s how to do that for:



Note: Stripe refunds all fees and PayPal refunds all but the 30-cent fee. If your Thinkific plan includes transactions fees, these fees will not be refunded when you process a refund.

Update: If you created your Stripe account after September 14, 2017, Stripe fees are not refunded on these new accounts. If you are using an account created before then, Stripe will refund all fees associated with the payment. 

Once you have processed the refund within Stripe or PayPal, be sure to also follow the instructions above to remove the student from the course if you have not already!

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