Tag Users in Infusionsoft

Once you've connected your Infusionsoft account, you can set up tags to be added to users when they perform certain actions on your Thinkific site.

This allows you to use Infusionsoft's CRM and marketing tools to manage sales and customer communications for your online course business. Learn more about the possibilities with Infusionsoft Tags here.

In this article:

  • Which events can I tag?
  • Configure your tags

Which events can I tag?

You're able to tag Infusionsoft contacts based on the following events:

  • Signups: Tag fires when the student signs up for a user account with your site.
  • Full Enrollments: Tag fires when a student enrolls (or is manually enrolled) in the full version of a course.
  • Free Preview Enrollments: Tag fires when a student enrolls in the free preview of a course.
    • Note: Free previews are differentiated from full enrollments.
  • Completed Enrollments: Tag fires when a student completes their course.
  • Orders: Tag fires when a student places an order.
    • Note: Free courses do not generate an order. But, if the order has a 100%-off coupon code applied, this does count as an order.

Configure your tags

Step 1.

If you haven't already done so, follow these instructions to connect your Infusionsoft account to Thinkific.

Step 2.

In Infusionsoft, make sure you've created the tags you want to use. Here's how

Step 3.

Head back to the Integrations page and select to Edit your configuration for Infusionsoft.

Step 4.

Select which event you'd like to set up tags for by clicking on the event name.

Step 5.

On the next screen, select which tags you'd like to apply to the action by clicking on the Add/Edit tags button. Here's an example of what that looks like when setting up tags for Full Enrollments. If you're not seeing particular tags populate when setting this up, double check that you've configured the tags in Infusionsoft.

Step 6.

Continue setting up tags for any and all events you'd like tagged in Infusionsoft. 

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