Create a Survey

Ready to add a Survey to your course?

In the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard, click My Courses, then choose the course you want to add a Survey to.

In the course's Curriculum, select Add Content and then select Survey from the resulting menu.

Add a Question

After adding the Survey, give it a Name and select Add Question.

In the text box, add your question, then select a Question Type with the drop down menu. Enter your question here.

Question Types

  • One answer - Allows the user to select only one option.
  • One or more answers - Allows the user to select several options.
  • Rating - Provides the user with selection of options in a line.
  • Scale - Provides the user with a scale from a value to a different value to choose from.
  • Free Text - Gives the user a textbox to write their answer in.

Select Add Choice to add an answer choice to the question. Enter the choice and then repeat if necessary.

When finished, select Save Changes to finish up and add the survey to your course.

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