Create a Free Preview

What is a free preview?

Free previews allow users to take selected lessons in a course for free, with no expiration date, no limit to the number of users, and users will be prompted to buy the rest of the course after taking the free preview! Students will be prompted to buy the course after the first time they complete the free preview or if they click on any of the lessons that are not part of the free preview.

First, select the course

On the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard, select Manage Learning Content > Courses. Select the course that you are looking for.

Create the Course

Click Add Chapter, give the chapter a name, then click Add Content, select a content type, then tick “make this a free preview lesson” box.

Here’s what it looks like with a text lesson:

View your free preview

If your course has one or more lessons marked to be a part of the free preview, Thinkific will automatically add these two elements to your Course Landing Page:

1) The free preview button:

2) The free lessons highlighted in the curriculum:

Should you wish you remove the Free Preview at any time all you need to do is make sure that the make this a free preview lesson checkbox is unchecked for each piece of content in your course.

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