Editing Course Settings (For V1 Themes)

Note: This article is for anyone using a pre-V2 site theme. Not sure which theme you're on? Refer to this article to find out.

You can edit your course details to add a course image, edit the course description, pricing, instructors, to change the theme of the course and more.

Edit Your Course

In your Admin dashboard, click on Courses, and then click on the course you want to Edit.

Next, click on the Details button along the top.

Make Your Changes

This is where you can setup essential details of your course:

  • Your Course Name, Course Subtitle, Course URL, and choose an Instructor

  • Your Course Description. There are tons of possibilities here!

  • Add a demo video for your course landing page

  • Add course keywords for SEO purposes

  • And much, much more!

Remember that every time you see one of our redactor text boxes like below, the possibilities are literally endless!  You can add Video, Audio, attach files, code HTML...the sky is the limit!

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