Re-order Your Courses

From your Admin Dashboard you want to navigate from My Courses > Re-order. From here you're able to change the order in which your products appear - this will affect the order on both your dashboard, and your public Site Landing Page (allowing you to ensure that the content you want seen first is seen first!). 

Note: If you want to re-arrange the course order on the Student Dashboard you can see this forum post here.

Re-order Your Courses and Bundles

To reorder your courses and bundles to choose how they're displayed in your product lists, you can reorder them from your Courses menu under the Re-order Courses tab. The top position corresponds to the item being displayed first, the second position corresponds to the items being displayed second, and so on. 
To rearrange them, simply click-and-drag the course or bundle to your desired position in the list.

And that’s it!

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