What's The Difference Between Stripe and Paypal?

By default, Thinkific is setup to use Stripe for payments for all our plans. 

Stripe is the easiest way to accept credit cards online and is seamless for the purchaser. It's likely that you've already encountered Stripe in an online purchase and didn't even know it - you can find a list of some well-known companies who use Stripe for their payments at

Additionally, instructors can also choose to connect PayPal for payments

To add PayPal payments, simply head to the Integrations page of your admin dashboard.

When checking out, visitors will then have the choice to optionally check out with PayPal, or check out with their credit card instead (which would be processed via Stripe, seamlessly for your purchaser).

NOTE: Subscription payments are only available using Stripe, in order to accommodate recurring credit card billing.

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