Create a Custom Completion Page

A custom course completion page gives you the power to customize the messaging and visuals students see when they complete their course. If you have multiple courses, this is a great opportunity to drive students to one of your other courses. Or, you might want to link them to real life seminars you are promoting, or physical products you're selling on your site.

In each course, you can select to use the default completion page or create a custom completion page design.

If you click on the Curriculum tab and scroll to the very bottom, you will be able to see the  Edit Completion Page button.

If you would like to use the default completion page, click Default Completion Page. When your students finishes the course, they will see a medallion of completion and your course name.

If you would like to use the custom completion page, Click Custom Completion Page and generate the text and visuals you would like your students to see when they complete the course. You can add images, text, links, and html coding.  

Save your changes and you're done!

Students will now see your custom completion page when they finish your course.

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