Create a Site-Wide Subscription / All Access Membership

Applicable plans Starter Essentials Business Advanced

Site-wide subscriptions allow you to give your students full access to all of your courses for either a one-time payment or a monthly subscription rate.  This all access membership is a great way for you to sell more courses and provide additional value to your students.


First, you will need to create a new bundle with all of your courses. On your Dashboard click on Courses under the Manage Learning Content menu, and then choose Bundles at the top.

Course bundles are available on Essentials, Business, and Advanced plans. Read more about them here

Click, Create new bundle in order to make a new site-wide bundle. Once you have given it a name, it will take you to the Bundle Builder.  You will now be able to customize your offer.

Add your courses into the bundle

In the Courses tab, you will be able to add which courses you would like to add to this bundle. If would like to offer a full site-wide subscription, add all of your courses to the bundle. Click Add a course and select you course from the drop down menu, and then press Add. Do this for as many courses as you would like to include.

When you are selecting each course, you can decide if you would like to show the full site-wide offer as an upsell on that course's landing page as well. This is a great opportunity to advertise your site-wide membership to users who are on the landing page of a single course.

Set your pricing

At this point, you can decide if you'd like to offer all your courses for a fixed price or create a monthly subscription or payment plan. 

Once you are ready, don't forget to Publish your Bundle!


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