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It's always nice to have a little help, and we know that the course creation process is often a joint effort! Our Course Admins feature makes it easy to collaborate on projects.

Read on for more information on our Course Admins feature and how it works.

How do Course Admins differ from Site Admins?

Site Admins have full admin privileges for your Thinkific site. In comparison, Course Admins have restricted access in terms of what they can see and do in your Thinkific admin dashboard.

Course Admins can:

  1. Create new courses.

  2. Create new instructors.

  3. Edit existing courses to which they are assigned as course administrator.

  4. View student progress for courses to which they are assigned as course administrator.

Because Course Admins only have these specific permissions, it's a great way to share your workload without giving somebody access to make general changes to your site, or to view private information (e.g. student data, revenue).

What can Course Admins see in their admin dashboard?

Unlike Site Admins, who can see your full dashboard, Course Admins only have access to a reduced version of the admin dashboard, from which they can manage their courses and instructors. 

You’ll notice on the reduced version above that the only access they have is My Courses, Instructors, and Progress.

How to set up a Course Admin

Make sure you are logged in as a Site Admin. Then, from the Users page of your admin dashboard, either create a new user account, or select to edit an existing one.

Next, select the checkbox for Course Admin, hit the Save Changes button, and that's it!

How to assign a Course Admin to an existing course

A user will automatically be assigned as the course admin of any new courses that they create on your site, but if you'd like to give somebody access to edit an existing course, here's how:

From the Settings tab of the course builder, select Admins & Payees. Then, under Course Administrators, select your chosen course admin from the dropdown list.

Click Add and save your changes. That user will now see the course as an option under My Courses on their admin dashboard.

You can come back to the Settings tab at any point to add/remove course admins, and only site admins have permission to assign/remove access to edit courses.


Will I get to approve any content changes that a Course Admin makes?

Site Admins will have to approve any edits made to their course by a Course Admin prior to publishing or whenever in the "unpublished" or draft state. When a course is in published mode (either for the first time or has been unpublished/published again), the approval step will be bypassed.

This is what a Course Admin will see when trying to publish a course in draft state:

As the Site Admin, you will then be able to see any requests for approval on the Publications Approval page (visible in your lefthand dashboard menu once you have added at least one Course Admin to your site):

How do I get access to the Course Admins feature?

On our Pro plan, you can have up to 5 Course Admins, so upgrade now to take full advantage of this feature! Or if you need more than 5, check out our Premier plan, which gives you the ability to have up to 50 Course Admins!

Please note: 

  • It's not possible to have a user be both Course Admin and Site Admin, please select one or the other, accordingly.

Looking to add an administrator with full site access instead? Here's how.

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