How to set up your custom domain in GoDaddy

These are specific instructions for setting up a custom domain in GoDaddy. If you're looking for more general information on what a custom domain is, please see this article.

Please note: As GoDaddy handles a large number of generic websites, their advice and support may not agree with our steps listed below. Generally GoDaddy will request information such as IP Addresses and Nameservers - these are not required for Thinkific's implementation of Custom Domains. Further, if suggested, the use of a forwarding or redirect rule will not work with Thinkific's implementation of Custom Domains.

To set up a custom domain in GoDaddy, first:

1. Log into your GoDaddy account.

2. Click on the "My Products" item in the main menu. Beside the domain that you'd like to set up your Thinkific site under, click on the "DNS" button.

3. You will then see the Records page and here you can add a new CNAME record by clicking the Add button in the lower right hand corner:

5. In the form that appears, set the Type as CNAME; Host will be the subdomain you wish to use such as www, courses, training, university - this will then be appended by the domain address when viewed in a browser. Points to will be your full Thinkific site address ( As many websites use the prefix or name of 'www' this record may already exist as either an 'A' type record or CNAME. if you intend to use 'www' then it is OK to edit this record in your GoDaddy DNS records.


6. Click Save. Now go to your Thinkific site and on the Admin Dashboard click Settings > Site > Site URL, click on Add Custom URL, enter in your custom URL and click Save

Accessing your Thinkific site without the WWW

If you've set up your Thinkific site at the WWW address of your custom domain, sometimes you'd like to be able to access your Thinkific site with or without the WWW portion. To do so, you can simply use GoDaddy's domain forwarding feature to set this up. 

1. In your DNS settings, scroll to the bottom and look for the Forwarding section. Click Add beside the domain to set up your forwarding so that students can access your site with or without the WWW portion of your custom domain:

2. You can now create the domain forwarding with the following settings:

  • Forward to: Choose https:// from the dropdown make sure you have SSL enabled on your Thinkific site. In the text field, enter your new custom domain that you just created, for example: 
  • Forward Type: Permanent (301)
  • Settings: Forward only
  • Update my nameservers and DNS settings: leave this unchecked

3. Once you've done that, save your changes and your site should now be available with or without the WWW in the custom url!

Please contact GoDaddy directly and send them a link to this article if you need a hand with setup.

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