How to Share My Course

This for some reason has been really hard for me to figure out, but how do I share my course with future students?

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Hi Giselle

To share or allow people to see your course, the best thing to do would be to share your site URL or address or if you wish to be specific, the address to your course landing page. From there, students will need to sign up or sign into their account and then register for the course.

I clicked on the link then I clicked on the curriculum, and I don't see my course. Why not?

Hi Giselle

Have you published your course? If not, then your course will not be accessible to the general public and links won't work. Once published, then the links will take a student to the sign in/sign up page and then allow access.

Hope that helps!

It is published.

When I click on the curriculum at the bottom of the page, it links to a blank landing page?

Its not asking for a sign up/sign in.


Hi Giselle

It looks like your Call to Action was not linked to the checkout and loading that course and option for free. I've corrected this for you now.

When I click on curriculum, at the bottom of my page, it still doesn't go to my curriculum. It goes to a black page.

Is there a step that I am missing?