Student can't see video, only hear audio

Multiple students have told me they can hear the videos, but not see the videos. I did read the Thinkific help on this topic, which suggested trying different devices and updating the browser, but the issue is from multiple students who each have tried on multiple devices. These students also have other Thinkific courses that work fine. Most of my videos are in avi format, a listed an approved file type. I used LiteCamHD to record. This is the same video type and software I use to record ScreenFlow videos to post on YouTube. They always work fine on YouTube. I was kind of hoping the Thinkfici program had the capability to make all video types accessible to all students, like YouTube. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

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Hi Sarah

There are indeed many potential causes for this however it would best to open a support ticket with us so we can follow up with you directly - you can send an email to

Thank you!

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