Setting up an 8 week program

Hi there!

I have a bundle of 5 courses, with 9 chapters each (45 total video classes).

I'd like to switch from a monthly subscription to offering an 8 week training program.

I'd like to setup the program into 8x 1 hour courses, with the ability of the student doing one course per week. (each 'course' would be 6 x 10minute videos)

How could I set it up so that the student could land on the next 1 hour course? Ideally I can set up an email drip campaign with a link directly to the next

consecutive course in the program.

And, I'd like to student to be able to see in their dashboard the overview of all of the courses and how they are progressing through the program.

Does this functionality exist, or what would you recommend as a work around?

Thank you!


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Hi Alison,

Thanks for getting in touch - happy to help!

For what you're looking to do, I would recommend putting your 8 courses into a bundle. You can then set a drip schedule for each course so that course 1 is released on day 0, course 2 is released on day 8, and so on. (I'd also recommend making each course private so that they cannot be purchased individually). Please note that emails are not automatically sent out when new course content is dripped, but you can pretty easily set up an email campaign for that in most email providers (if you don't have an email tool yet, I'd check out ActiveCampaign).

And yes students will absolutely be able to see their progress through each course from their Student Dashboard (visible at

Just let us know if you have any further questions at all.