Uploading Affiliate and User Photos to Profile

Our affiliates would like to add their photos and certificates to their profiles but the system wont upload these items. I have tried to do it myself as admin with no luck. Can you kindly help?

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Hi there!

Affiliates should be able to upload profile pictures from their My Account page - accessible by clicking on their name in the top right corner and then selecting My Account. That said, I just checked this out and it looks like that's not working - I've escalated this issue to our Technical Support team and they'll be looking into it as soon as they can.

For "Certificates" - this page is not for uploading files, but for viewing and downloading certificates for courses that the user has completed on Thinkific. More on that here

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



Any update on the Users ability to Upload Pictures. I can upload but is doesn't immediately display. A refresh will display the photo. When I change pages and come back, the photo is no longer displayed. This may help those who code narrow down where to look.

Hi Eric!

Thanks for that additional info! We're working on this bug right now, actually, so hopefully, we'll have a resolution for it in the coming weeks.