I am integrating with Infusionsoft, do I still need to connect with Paypal to setup the price?

I will be getting payments through Infusionsoft. I am confused because it looks like I am still required to connect with a Stripe Account or Paypal. Am I missing something? 

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Hi Lidiane,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Yes, to set the pricing on your Thinkific site you will need to connect to Stripe or PayPal. However, most people using Infusionsoft don't do this as they will be using landing pages outside of Thinkific. You can then set your Thinkific landing pages to redirect to the sign in page, so that only signed up students will be able to access the Thinkific site.

If you do want to use Thinkific's landing pages then you'll need to make your buttons link out to your checkout page on Infusionsoft.

Happy to help if you have any questions at all.



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How do you do that?? I want to also use infusionsoft for my payment processor

Hi Jertaurian

If you are referring to how to link to your Infusionsoft checkout, you will need the URL for that page (and item if you wish to pre-load) and then you would need to create custom buttons on your Thinkific site. You can do this with a Call to Action section, or a Text and Media section which allows you to create HTML based button.