Banner problem with being cut off differently on multiple computers


I've uploaded my banner image on and it doesn't look the same on different computers. One cuts off the right side and one cuts off the bottom side.

I am using the recommended banner size image. Can you check and see what I'm doing incorrectly?



Hi Sara!

Thanks for getting in touch.

Because our site is designed to be responsive across screen sizes, different amounts of the banner image will show depending on the size of the browser window being used to view your site. If you drag the size of your browser window around you'll see this in action. We generally recommend to use banners that are abstract images without text, as on some screens parts of the image may be cut off. You can then add the text over your banner image using the Site Header and Sub-Header Text fields under Design Your Site > Basic Settings.

Whilst you're working on the design of your site I'd recommend upgrading to our new site builder, which gives you much more flexibility in terms of customizations. More on that here. To upgrade, simply go to Design Your Site > Themes and then under My Inactive Themes select "Explore Themes". You'll then have the option to choose between one of our three new site-wide themes (Empire, Vogue, and Vision).

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions at all.



I am having a similar problem where the banner doesn't adjust for mobile or full screen. Is there not a way to put a different image for the banner that is the correct size across all versions?

Hi Lindsey,

Banner images are cut off at different screen sizes rather than shrunk - the reason being that, if the image was to shrink, on mobile devices it would be very small and hard to see. Because of this, it's best to use an abstract image so that it doesn't matter if some parts are cut off.

It is possible to customize the code for your site (on the Business plan and above), but you would need to have a developer familiar with HTML and CSS to do that for you. You can find developers on and