Using A Chatbot On Landing page

I'm sending traffic to my course landing page to enroll and I was thinking of a solution to send the new updates via messenger instead of emails.
If people be able to log into their accounts using their Facebook, that gives an opportunity to gather information and send them messages about promotions, cross-selling and updates, etc. which in general, has a higher open rate and doesn't go to their spam folder. Are you working on it?

Hi Farbod!

If you update to the latest version of your theme then you will be able to have sign-in via Facebook and Google on your site (LinkedIn is already available). First you need to go to Design Your Site > Theme Library and select the "..." button underneath your current theme to update it. Then head to Design Your Site > Basic Settings - under Sign In/Sign Up Settings you'll now see the option to switch on signup via Facebook and Google.

If you would also like to add a chatbot to your site, then you can often do that by pasting a script that the chatbox service will give you under Design Your Site > Advanced Settings > Site Footer Code. For example, you can add Intercom to your site like that.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



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Can I do that on a landing page as well?

Hi Farbod,

Absolutely! To install a chatbot on a specific landing page, when editing that course go to Settings > Page Code. You can then paste in the script for the chatbot there.



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