I want to add a google doc as multimedia content.

In your help article you have this as one of the steps - choose the option - Anyone at Thinkific can use this link to view. 

How does google docs KNOW I have a Thinkific account? That option doesn't come up on my google docs. I'm confused and there is no direction in the article to guide me on how to get google docs to offer me that option. 


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Hi Kim

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the confusion here. In this case, the help article is using screenshots of the settings that a person may see - and they will be different for everyone slightly. In this case, because we use our Thinkific group in Google, the screen shots reference that group. The key task here is that you need to click ...more to access this setting

On - Public on the web and hit Save

So that anyone can view the document you are embedding - otherwise it would only show for you.

I am sorry that is a bit confusing and we will take a look at a better way to word this help article to try to make that clearer.

Thank you!

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