Can I use Thinkific for payments only?

We offer face-to-face classroom courses at the moment and need to direct users from our course landing page directly to a payment page on Thinkific. 

Example: User clicks "register now" button on our site > goes straight to a payment page where they input their details plus payment details > make payment > confirmed in our system > arrive at our venue to take the course

Is this possible? Also, we don't need them to create an account, only to make payment.

(Why do we need this? Initially we were going to offer online courses to a different audience and now have changed direction, so with Thinkific already setup, we thought it is a better option than creating a customer checkout process on our site. Also, in future, we may offer an online component for students to upload/download resources)

Thank you!

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Hi John,

It is possible to send users directly to checkout on your Thinkific site, but they will always need to create an account with your Thinkific site first as that's part of the signup process (it's a quick signup though - just name, email address, and password). And after checkout they will automatically be taken into the course.

This should still work great for face-to-face courses, though. You can simply include a welcome message within the course on Thinkific including the details of the venue, timing, etc. And yes, later you could include extra resources within the course for students.

Just get in touch if you have any further questions at all.