How do monthly installments commissions work?

 In the case of a monthly Payment Plan does Thinkific (stripe) automatically debit the prospect each month...or do we have to set that up manually? And if thinkific do set it up automatically, would the initiating Affiliate still get the commissions each month? 

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If a user signs up for a payment plan, then their payment will be automatically charged via Stripe each month so no need to do anything manually. And yes, affiliate commissions will still be calculated on each installment of the payment plan :)



Hi, in the case of a monthly plan, after the first payment, when is are subsequent withdraws made? Is it exactly 30 days after the first payment? If not, when? Also, do students have the option to un-enroll and/or cancel before they make all the payments?

Hi Teresa!

It's based on the day of the month, so if the customer signs up on the 15th they'll always be charged on the 15th. And yep, students can cancel their subscription from their My Account page - more on that here.



A few Q's...

Do customers get notified when their credit card is expiring?

Do they get notified if payment was declined?

Do I get notified if a customers payment was declined?


Hi Carley

For this types of services - this is where a 'dunning' service is required - such as Stunning which does integrate with Stripe. This provides for notifications to your students requiring cards that may be expiring as well as a means to let you know if a payment was declined. Stripe has also been adding some of these features into their platform so you may want to take a look there. As all the payment processing is handled within Stripe, we have not placed those features into Thinkific.

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