Adding Images To Landing Page

 Hello there,

If I just want to add an image to my Thinkific site without any buttons or text, how do I do that? I tried using a banner page and then not entering a title but the button still showed up and it zoomed in on the image.


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Hi Taiya!

With the theme version that you're currently using, there isn't really an easy way to add a section with just an image but you could always embed one (e.g. into the course description). Or, if you do switch to the new Site Builder, you can add a section called "Image gallery" that allows you to add a full-width image to the page.



How do I drag and drop an image into my home page?  How do I add my url to my header? Nothing seems to respond to my pointer.

Hi Caroline

It would be challenging to answer your question here as we need to understand which themes you are working with though generally we don't provide a 'drage and drop' of an image and generally you need to select the image from a file location. If you can tell us what theme version or site URL you are working with, we might be able to provide some help articles for you!