Date Setting

 Is there somewhere to set date and time? I just noticed it shows students registering and it shows tomorrow's date. This is a problem as their certificates need to populate the correct date.

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Hi Tina!

Our system is based around UTC, and unfortunately there isn't a way to change that on a site-by-site basis at this point in time. Certificates are handled by Accredible, though, and there may be a way to control the timezone on that side. I'll check with them and get back to you :)

What timezone are most of your students based in?



Hi Tina,

Apologies for the delayed update. I spoke to Accredible and their system is also based on UTC, and there isn't a way to change that right now.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



My Lesson "Drip" sequence shows a wrong time, though the date is okay. How can this be rectified?

Hi Srinivasan

For questions such as this - it may be easier and better to go through our Support Help Desk. You can click on Help in the lower right hand corner of the Admin Dashboard or email us at

Note with the Drip Schedule, the platform relies on UTC time and is not fixed to your time zone. We do understand this causes frustration as it may not align with your time of midnight exactly.

Thank you!