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I'm using the Ice Cream theme.  I searched the FB group on how to customize your thank you page and everyone says just go to your theme section and it's there.  I can't find it anywhere.  Does ice cream not have a thank you page or what am I missing?  Thank you!

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Hi Christa!

On the theme that you're currently using, it's not possible to customize the thank you page without some knowledge of HTML. If you're comfortable with that, then you'll find the code for the thank you page under Site Pages > checkout_thankyou_page in your theme:

Alternatively with our new Site Builder feature, which is due to launch in the next couple of days, you will be able to edit the thank you page directly from the site builder (no code required!) Keep an eye out on the changelog in the top right of your admin dashboard for news on that!

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.