Website/Paypal/Thinkific integration

Can I have a Sign up page  on my external website where customers can sign up for an account, get prompted to pay through Paypal, and then use the same account they set up to login to their courses on Thinkific?

Hi Alicia!

For this to work, you would need to integrate your external site with Thinkific - either via our API (a more technical option only available on our Advanced plan and above) or by using Zapier (if it works with your external site).

What most customers using external sites do is to simply link directly from their site to signup/checkout on Thinkific. Once you have your pricing set up, you'll see the option to "Copy URL". This is the link that you can use to send people directly to checkout on Thinkific.

Would that work for you?



Do I have to have a paid Thinkific plan in order to be paid via PayPal?

Hi David,

No, Paypal is available on all plans including the free Starter plan.