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I was wondering if there was the option in the quiz or survey feature to be able to give a person a score which would let them know the how they rated at the start of a course and then be able to run it again at the end to compare results.

The one we use at the moment is just manual - they give themselves a rating out of 5 for each question (5 questions), if they score 3-5 on them there doing well, less than 1 - not so well etc. 



Hi Claire!

We don't support these kind of questions at this point in time - students can pick from a scale when answering a survey, but there isn't a way to add up the responses to give a score. You could look into using Typeform as I know that they have this feature -

I hope that helps!



Hi, we think... thinkific it's a great platform...

We are using Annual Essentials plan, one of the features we need to have is Quiz review, it means that when a student finishes a quiz, he or she can see... not only the score but the right answers...
Is that possible?
Thank you



Thanks for your feedback and we are beginning to take a look at the student experience overall and how we can make improvements to the different lessons including the Quiz lesson. Currently with Quizes, if the quiz is not set to require a passing grade, then the correct answer will be made visible on selection. With Quizes set to require a passing grade, the answer will not be displayed to prevent false retakes.

Hope that helps!

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