Students have enrolled but not not paid

Hi I have a lot of students who have enrolled in my courses but haven’t paid. I was wondering how I filter them so I can send them an email to follow up.

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Hi Chad!

Do you mean that they have enrolled in a free trial but not signed up for the paid version? If so, you can filter them using the filter "Enrolled in > free trial > [Course Name]"

Or, if you need to simply see who's paid you and who hasn't, you can filter by "Amount spent > is equal to > 0"

Note that customers cannot sign up for courses that they're already enrolled in fully, so if you need customers who are already enrolled in the course to sign up again, you'll need to expire their enrolments first. To do that, click on the customer's name to view their user profile and then select an expiry date for their enrolment in your course.

If you have any further questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.




I noticed the same thing, so if they haven't paid, can they still see the course? or can they only see the course once they have paid? I want to make sure I'm not giving away my course!

Hi Jen

Generally no - if the students have not paid or fully registered in the course, then they cannot see content. As detailed, a student can create an account on your site without registering. With this, you now have their email address and can followup with them. The student can use this account to register for courses at a later time.

Thank you!