Setting up a chat room, forum, and a blog inside a dedicated community or bundled package senero

 Is it possible to add a chat room, various rooms, a forum, and a dedicated blog just for those who have paid a subscription to a bundle of your products, etc. I am trying to build value for a project I will be launching soon.

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Hi Johnny!

Great question! You can certainly add discussion forums to your course (including one that's part of a bundle) that will only be available to paying users.

We don't offer a chat room feature directly, but there's lots of live chat apps that can be added to your site or a specific page on your site. Or how about using Slack? (You could include the instructions on how to access Slack as a lesson in your course).

For adding a blog to your site, you can create new pages for your site and set them to "private" so that only logged in users have access. Head to Design Your Site > Pages to set that up.

I hope that helps! And if you have any further questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



I hope I understand how to set this up. I can have one course, which is really an introduction into the community with a pdf file explaining what all they are receiving for their subscription. them can add a forum to this for their use regarding the overall community. In the pdf I can give instructions on how to access the chat room and blog, which is outside this inner community and on 2 separate pages where I can add and modify to make them work, but kept private. There are many apps that might work, of course. Am I on the right track for this? 
One quick question. Will I be able to change the access code to the blog and chat room from time to time so that those dropping off the subscription will not have access to the blog and chart room? 

Hi Johnny,

Yes for the chatroom you would probably need to use an external app for that. You can either send people away from your Thinkific site to this app, or some you may be able to embed onto a page in Thinkific - it really depends on which tool you choose to use. Either way, I'd recommend using a custom page made private (so that it's only accessible to logged in users) to give students the information they need to access the chat, or add the chat to that page. Coming soon you'll be able to restrict access to pages to users who are signed up for a particular course or bundle.

Likewise, with the blog, you can either create your blog directly on a private custom page or have a page/lesson within a course with instructions on how to access the blog. You'll be able to build a simple blog on Thinkific, but if you need more full blog features I'd recommend using an external tool for that.

And yes within a course it would be worth including a introduction lesson explaining where students can find these resources. You could include this info in your course welcome email too.

For your question about restricting access by users who are no longer enrolled in the course - again this depends on what tool you choose to use. But, for example, if you're using Thinkific custom pages and access is restricted to users signed up to a particular course, once their enrollment in the course expires (which it does automatically when a subscription is cancelled/unpaid) they'll no longer have access.



Great, then all looks to be heading in the right direction. I have a lot of courses, and books to be added, so will be working on that now and for a while.

 thank you

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