How to close enrollment to a course after start date?


How do you close enrollment to a course after the start date but still keep it available to the current cohort going through the course?



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Hi Brigitte!

The way to do that would be using our Private courses feature. That allows you to remove the enrollment button from the course landing page, but the course will still be available to existing students via their student dashboard.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



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Catherine, is it possible to change the course status to Private once it's already underway? I want the course to continue to show up on the enrolled students' Dashboards, but do not want anyone else enrolling for this session now.

Hi Victoria

Yes - you can apply the Private setting to a course already under way and this will just restrict new registrations but current students will have full access!


I have a course that I am running for the first time. I will change it to private soon. At the end of the 3 months I want to open it for sales again, but not have the materials available to the new students until the course start-date. How can I do that, but still allow my existing students to have full access to the course on their own start date? Do I duplicate the course and give it a new name? I am not so keep to do that. What is my best option here??

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Hi Summer!

For this, I do recommend having two courses, but you don't need to duplicate all of your content! I suggest using a dummy course to pre-sell to your students, and then on the start date, manually enroll them all into your actual course. 

That is tediously ineffective. To be honest I am very disappointed with how your system operates. I am not sure if I will commit to this long term. I will expect to see some functional improvements if I am to stay. Manual enrolments is a complete waste of time. I use Drip Schedules, meaning all my existing students will lose access if I restart the course with a new Drip schedule. The privacy setting (instead of button that allows you to close a course to new enrolments) is also senseless. The User experience of your whole system is illogical. 

Hi Summer

Thanks for your feedback and we will be sure to pass that along to our development team! We know not every solution we provide will work for everyone and are always working to make improvements! With Thinkific, our intention is to provide an easy automated solution as much as possible!

Thank you!

Hi. I would like to sell a bundle of courses and have these only available within the bundle, Am I right that I should set the courses to private and only create a pricing structure for the bundle but do not need to create a new price for each individual course within the bundle?


Hi Tanja

Thats generally correct. The prices you set on a bundle override any prices you set for a course.