Duplicate a course to another user

Can I copy an entire course to another thinkific user?

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Hi Trudi

At this time, no it is not possible for you to transfer a course to another Thinkific site or user.

Within our system, we can arrange for this however both sites do need to be on our Business paid plan.

If I a free account, and another user has a free account (that I have login access to both), can I duplicate the content from one account to the other?


Hi Debora

This service is only available on our Business price plans and not on the Free Starter accounts.

Thank you!

thank you, so would the receiver also need a paid account or can they have a free account?


Hi Debora

Ideally both accounts should be paid. If you are looking to provide this as a service to clients or customers we would need to discuss an ongoing arrangement for such costs. As a one time occurence, we may be able to assist.

Thank you!

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