can content creators be paid just on class views

Hi there

Thinking of starting a membership site with multiple classes on offer. Is there a way like Skillshare where the content creator  / istructor can be paid for the time students spend on thier courses?

for example if we have tutorials about cats that are looked at more often than the tutorials about dogs then the CATS instructor would be compensation more


M ark

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Hi Mark!

That's not a model that we support directly right now, but you could potentially set something up for that. For example, from your Video Library you'll be able to see analytics for your video, including how often the video has been watched, how much has been watched, etc. More on that here. You can then use that information to calculate how much each instructor is owed.

Alternatively, you could use our Product Payees feature to pay instructors every time a particular course or bundle is sold.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



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