Audio not uploading.

I've tried to upload audio files as single files choosing the Audio option and then choosing the text option and adding audio to it, neither of which worked.

I'm now trying to create an Audio Storage suggested by Thinkific, by creating a new course named as such so I can upload all my audios there, to then add to the actual online course. But they are not uploading either.

I've been waiting for well over an hour for a 4.49 minute audio to upload to the Audio Storage 'course' but it still sits as 'uploading 0 of 1 files' with no movement whatsoever in the upload bar.

It's in a wav file format.

The other audios I have are over 10 minutes, so there's no point in trying them yet until I resolve why the 4 min one is not uploading?

What might the issue be here?



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Hi Jane,

Sorry to hear about these issues you've been having! This also sounds like something to do with your browser - please can you try a different browser or an incognito window to see if that makes a difference?



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