Coupon Letter Coloring

When people check out of my thinkific store, they are not able to click the coupon link because the lettering is white. Only when you hover over it, can you see its even there. Most people are not able to see it. How can I get the coloring changed for that? 

Hi Mark!

The colour of the "Have a Coupon?" link for your site is based on what you have set as the brand colour. You can head to Design Your Site > Branding on your admin dashboard to update that.



Thank you. I have gone to that page. Can you tell me which specific option I need to change to make that feature be more easily seen?

Hi Mark

On the Branding Page, the Brand Color option sets the color for the Coupon Link so you would want to have something that contrasts to the Background Color. Currently both are white so the link is not easy to see.

Thank you so very much!

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