Edit name (remove surname) of the person who submitted a review?

I just got my first online review after giving my initial course away for free on a 5-day trial basis. 

Is there any way to remove the surname of the person who submitted the review?

This would just be for the publicly visible review, not for the internal/back-end.

See bottom of this course page

In this case, I would like to have just "by Karen" there instead of "by Karen R.......".

This is/was actually a request of my course participants. 





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Hi Martin,

Congrats on the review and for launching your course!

It is possible to change the name on the review to be first name, last initial - you just need to make a quick tweak to your site theme. To do that, on your admin dashboard, go to Themes > Manage My Themes and select to edit your current theme.

Then, in your theme, find the page for Snippets > course_review. You'll need to replace the line {{ review.user.full_name }} with {{ review.user.first_name_last_initial }} (it'll be somewhere around line 28)

Hit Ctrl + S (Windows) or Cmd + S (Mac) to save your changes. You should then see the update reflected on your landing pages :)

Hope that helps!