Front End Loaded Commission Structure

I want to offer a 40% commission on my signature course as a significant incentive for people to help me find new students.

But I do not want to pay commission of additional courses that students pay after that.

So my affiliate agreement is that it is a front end loaded deal. (Otherwise I would do a lower commission but with future purchases included)

Even though that is the written agreement I am concerned that the Thinkific system shows all lifetime purchases to the affiliate.I think it might confuse my affiliates and cause me headaches down the line. Is there a way to make it so they only see purchases of the signature course?



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Hi Lesley

With Affiliates, it is possible to exclude other courses to being included in an Affiliates payout. You can set this as part of Affiliates from the Admin Dashboard and when you edit an account set to be an Affiliate

Hope that helps!

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