Is there a way to add customized text to the sign up form?

To address some CASL consent concerns expressly, I would like to add express notices of future communications such as:

"If you sign up, you will receive:

Confirmation of account creation.

Confirmations of course enrollments.

Confirmations of course completions.

Each of the above will also mention our other courses and invite you to join our email or sms list which will notify you of our future programs."

This would be providing notice rather than creating custom fields:

Hi Cory!

We do have a Terms of Use that you can ask your students to agree to when they sign up. Could that work for you? 

Thanks Ashley I have taken advantage of that. But I think, and I can't recall off the top of my head where I read it, that we are to seek consent by disclosure right in the form rather in things they have to click to read elsewhere. I'll try to find the source of this opinion and post it here.

I'd like to gather more express consent consistent with the Privacy Commissioner's suggestions to provide "just in time" disclosure that "emphasizes key elements". As their meaning of "emphasizing key elements" includes disclosing with whom the information is shared, I should also have an express disclossing statement that the personal information will be shared with Thinkific instead of relying on the single "powered by Thinkific" or something like that which is at the bottom of the form.

These are not the documents I saw before, but they are consistent with what I saw before and so suggest that the Privacy Commissioner's opinion on these points is clear:

Hi Cory,

Ah I see. In that case, if you'd like to add some extra text to your sign-up page, you can. Head to Themes in your admin dashboard, select to edit your theme, and then navigate to Site Pages > checkout_signin_signup_page:

You will need some familiarity with HTML to do this, but it's a pretty simple change! If you get stuck, feel free to reach out to our Support team.




Thank you Ashley, Catherine and team.