Editing the "order completed" email


I'd like to be able to edit the "order completed" email.
Is this possible?
I'd like to add the info from custom sign up fields to this email.

Thank you!

Bernard Ouellet

Hi Bernard!

Are you asking about customizing the receipt that's sent out to students when they sign up? If so, that can't be customized at this point in time. However, when a student signs up for a course, they can also be sent a site welcome email and a course welcome email - both of these can be customized from the Notifications page of the admin dashboard.

That said, whilst you do have a variety of variables available for use in these emails, custom sign up information isn't available here.

If you can send a over little more information on what you'd like to do, we'll try and come up with a solution that works for you!



Hello Catherine,

No I'd like to customize the email that is sent to the account admin when a student completes an order (pays for a course).

I saw that the custom signup fields and their values are automatically included in the email that is sent to the admin upon signup of a new student.
That's why I was wondering if I could also include these fields and their values in the "Order completion" email.

I think it would be a nice addition to be able to edit the emails that can be activated in the "Notify me when" section of the "Notifications" page.


Hi Bernard,

Ah I see, thanks for the clarification! Customization of those emails isn't available at this point in time but I'll flag your request for our Product team to take a look at :)



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Hi Catherine - We use a white logo in thinkific so that it can match our website.  Unfortunately it appears this logo gets leveraged in the receipt email as well which means it can't be seen as the email has a white background.  Anyway to change the background color of that email?

Hi Les,

Unfortunately there isn't a way to customize our email receipts right now. What I'd suggest is switching off our receipts and switching on the ones from Stripe instead, as that will allow you some more customization options.

Just let us know if you have any further questions at all.



Customer from the UK is requesting that their name and address be listed on the order receipt for tax purposes. The receipt they received did not have their name and address listed. 

Hi Tony!

There isn't a way to automate the sending of receipts with name and address right now. For this customer, I'd suggest creating an official invoice for them, e.g. in Wave. If you need to collect name and address information from customers in the future, then you can add some custom signup fields to your site to collect this. Here's how



Thanks for replying Catherine! But it's SUPER easy to ask your developers to add the name and address field to the receipts. There's no reason not to do this, and honestly, I've never seen a cart that doesn't do this. Thanks. 

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Hi Tony,

Agreed that it's something we should add. I've flagged your request for our product team so they can take it into consideration :)



Just to add, this is a glaring product gap. Every time I have a B2B customer I have to create a manual invoice.

Simply allow us to merge custom fields e.g. VAT No, Company Name with the receipt email and my day gets infinitely better.

WooCommerce can do this in seconds and for free. A platform I pay each month for should have this from day one.

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