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Today I had to help a user who had enrolled in the free trial and didn't know how to get to the paid version. As I accessed the platform using her login details, I had some trouble myself figuring out that I had to go the "View all courses" to actually go in again and access the paid version.

So I decided to create a new Text module in the end of the course, that would be visible in the free trial, with instructions.

Then I realized the students can find (in the phone) they have to go to either "View all courses" or "View more courses" as direct link or under the Menu - See all courses, or clic on "Go to dashboard" and from there find the other courses... all depending on  where they are at the moments. That's terribly complicated!!

Can I add a big blue button on the bottom of the free trial that says "If you liked the free version you can buy the whole course by clicking HERE"? Just plain and easy?

Most of my clients are very limited in technology, they speak Spanish and have only smartphone (no computer).

Thank you!!

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Hi Thomas!

The user can upsell to your paid course directly from the course player - any lesson they try to access that's not part of the free trial will show the following:

If you'd like to add extra buttons in elsewhere you can. Here's how to find the direct link to checkout for your paid course.

If you have any further questions about this, feel free to get in touch :)



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