How do get people on to my course sales page without them having to log in to thinkific


I have just spent a very long time on my sales page only to find that when I send out the link people landing on the page require signing in to thinkific. What have I done wrong? I need them to land on the sales page, read it and buy- at this point presumably that would need to open an account. Please help!


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Hi Leslie - you would want to provide your general site address - essentially the first part of your URL or site address. That being said though, if a person is not logged in, or does not have an account, they will be redirected to your site page anyways and can only see your landing pages but not course content.

Thank you!

What link am I giving to my customers? I don't want them to be able to log into my Thinkific account and that kind of seems like what may happen if I give them my link. 

Hi Jennifer! 

I'm sorry but these social sign ons are only available on our Site Builder themes. We've got a really helpful video on making the transition here.

I saw a video where I can add social sign ups other than linkedin. But I can't figure out how to do that. Currently my theme is set to default and I prefer it to stay that way. I don't really need a full-blown website as I have just one course. I just want people to be able to go straight to the landing page and then when they are ready to subscribe or purchase be able to use social media to login. 

Hi Laura

I have opened a ticket with our support desk as that may be the best way to chat to you about the overall flow of Thinkific and handling landing pages! We will get to you soon!

I am unclear as to where I need to put the code snippet when I published my course.  I have a website and use Squarespace.

Hi Laura!

Sorry you are having some challenges here - would you be able to share the link you were sending? You can share your site URL, or a specific course landing page and anyone will be able to see those pages without an account or logging in so we want to be sure you are not sending a page that does! Anytime a person clicks on any of the Enrol or Buy buttons - what are called 'Call to Action' buttons, then they will need to login at that point.