How can I use Thinkific's Affiliate feature with an external sales page?

I want to use an external sales page but still use the Affiliate feature in Thinkific and figured a way to do so by using a bit of HTML in my course builder to redirect visitors to my external page.

What I did was set up a Private and Hidden course on my Thinkific site which is completely empty. In the Page Code section, I added a bit of HTML which would redirect visitors to my actual sales page:

<script>window.location.href = "";</script>

This prevents students from seeing my Thinkific landing page and instead, they'll be redirected to my external sales page.

Once I published the course, my affiliates can give out affiliate URL's from Thinkific but it'll redirect visitors to my actual sales page. On my sales page, I link back to the checkout page in Thinkific so when students make the purchase, since they originally started my Thinkific site, they'll be tagged to the affiliate and the sale will be linked my affiliate while still using my external sales page! 

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Evelyn this sounds brilliant... will check this out as this will make a huge difference to us :)

Thank you

I have a related question: if you want to provide your course content to an organization/corporation to use within their OWN LMS (behind their company firewall), what is the best way to do that, using Thinkific to keep track of user analytics and affiliate payments?  Will the above method work, or would the firewall block it? If it will not work, is there another way to accomplish this?

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Hi Rebecca,

For user analytics to be correctly tracked, the course does need to be hosted directly on Thinkific. And for affiliate payments to be tracked, purchases do have to be handled by Thinkific's checkout system. If you would like access to the course to be restricted to a particular company, then you could make the course hidden. Hidden courses are only available to those who have the direct link. More on that here. Alternatively, you could make the course private and import the list of students who you need to have access (we would process that import for you). More on that here

Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions at all,



Evelyn, That is great!  Would we need to do a blank page for every outside sales page we want someone to go to?

Hi Lisa,

Yes you would need a separate blank course for each external sales page that you're linking to. (That way, the affiliate commission will also be correctly attributed for that particular course)

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



I have a challenge, even if I had a private page redirecting to my sales page, I will be unable to add affiliates from third-party platforms. 

Here's what I mean:

1. There are 3rd party platforms with affiliates waiting to sell products.

2. The platform manages the payment of affiliate commission and they have an html tag you should add to your sales page; that's how they track affiliate

3. On Thinkific you have to manually add affiliates, which means if affiliates from 3rd party click on the redirected sales page they don't get registered on Thinkific, but on the 3rd party page. How do you manage the cross-platform affiliate to ensure everyone gets paid?

4. I am new to the whole affiliate workings, so any great suggestion would be absolutely appreciated

Hi Toyin!

If you're using a third party platform that is tracking your affiliates for you, I believe this negates the need to use our affiliate tracking. They'd be two separate systems. I'd be happy to dive in further if you'd like to reach out to

Thank you for sharing this hack; it's exactly what I've been looking for, but, unfortunately, it is not working for me. Might it be because my course is already published and not "private and hidden"? I put the code in with my sales page url, and it's simply not redirecting.