Licensing my course? Not sure that's the right word but...

My courses help business owners write their own content. One of the things that motivated me to create the courses was that I used to be a web designer and getting the words for the website out of the client was like blood from a stone.

So I would like to connect with web designers so their clients can use my courses.

 I guess one way of doing that is they refer their clients to me and get an affiliate commission.

Is there another way we can partner? Can they buy access to the course for their clients? Bulk buy access for a number of students? Or even pay a subscription so they can enrol as many people as they want each month?

I'm struggling to find the right terminology so I haven't been able to do much research into this myself.



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Hi Laura!

The easiest way to do this would be to set them as affiliates. In this way when they refer their clients to your Thinkific site, they will get a commission when that client purchases your course. You can take a look at this article on our affiliate feature:

The other methods that you mentioned can work as well. It will mostly depend on what you fits for you and the designers that you decide to partner up with. There are different ways to enroll students in a course so we can definitely find ways to make this work for you.

Send us a message to if you need a bit more detail!

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