How can I test the course completion email?

I've made a personalized course completion email and I want to test how it renders in different email clients.
Is there a way to send a test email?

If not, what is the easiest way to get these emails?
I've tried completing an unpublished course in preview mode and the completion email doesn't seem to fire.
Am I obligated to publish a course and register to it with different emails and complete it just to get that email?

Thank you,


Hi Bernard!

Sorry that it does require a bit more steps than through Preview - this is something we are working on evolving on the ability to actually test the Notifications! That being said though, if you wanted to do, you could just use the Manual Enrolment to register a test account into the course, then log in as that student, complete the course by selecting Next for each lesson and then the completion notification will send. The change here being that with Manual Enrolment you don't need to publish the course or worry about taking payment!

Hope that helps!


Ok thank you for the quikc answer Eric.

Looking forward to trying the evolved notification testing. :)


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