When a Member Leaves Churn and Attrition Rate

While I love that thinkific is so focused on making a great learning tool, as a business tool, I'm missing some key points.

I would love to know (and to be able to filter) on if a person has an active membership (most of my students have yearly/monthly subscriptions). I need to then delete them from Mailchimp and my Facebook group.

I currently have zapier setup to alert me if stripe cancels a subscription. but I would love a report where I could see in November I had 45 active members and in December I had 67. When you're running a membership site Churn rate is a key statistic. 

When I look at subscriptions in Stripe, it's not carrying over information to even see the name of the subscription. I do consulting and other things in stripe, so it gets very muddy as not all payments are from thinkific. 

If I send an email, does it go to people who don't have an active subscription? I don't normally email from Thnkific, but it would be good to know. 

Are there any tools to track how my membership is doing?

Hi Dave!

Thanks for the feedback! Our product team is always looking to improve our advanced search filters on the Users page so I will pass this on to them. 

In the meantime, you can enable notifications when a student cancels their subscription on the Notifications page on the admin dashboard so you get an email every time someone cancels:


hi, Oliver!

you posted this four months ago, and it looks like the dashboard has changed? currently this is what i see; there is no option for Notifications:


can you let me know where to set notifications now?

thank you!

Hi Ryn,

Catherine hopping in for Oliver!


You can now manage notifications to your students under Support Your Students > Notifications:



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excellent! thank you!

How does a student cancel their subscription?

Hi Andy, 

Students can cancel their subscriptions under their My Account page: